• Kimahri
    The biggest hugger we ever met, Kimahri leaps into hugs to say hello or to show her gratitude. This pup knows exactly how to adjust to her surroundings. At home, she’s the sweetest, quietest, most cuddle-obsessed pup, but on the trails, she’s a crazy, wild adrenaline junkie! When we rescued her, she wanted the alpha role so badly, but Yuna was not having it.
  • Yuna
    The smallest of the pack, Yuna has two distinct sides of her personality. As the alpha pup, she’s feisty yet gentle. She’s incredibly mature, but she’s not above playing puppy to get away with things. She’s super intelligent, but she loves her playtime with flashing balls (as you can see sometimes on our Instagram stories). Yuna is a total daddy’s girl who’s super attached to Jc.
  • Tidus
    Our big teddy bear can’t get enough cuddles. Tidus is the calmest of the pack, but the most vocal about his feelings. He loves playing so much that he often unsuccessfully tries to convince squirrels to come down from the trees to be his playmates. He thinks his job is to be the protector grizzly bear of the family, but this mama’s boy also loves relaxing and being spoiled.


  • Jc
    The alpha male of the pack, Jc leads with his calm personality and infectiously tranquil aura. Whether he’s guiding the pack on the trails or behind the camera shooting videos, Jc exudes a relaxed confidence that keeps the pack feeling secure and free to enjoy life. He creates the magical videos you see on our YouTube channel and is the tech genius behind everything on Husky Squad.
  • Victoria
    Victoria deftly balances her role as the alpha female of the pack with her instincts for being a cuddle-giver. Since Kimahri was diagnosed with cancer, Victoria became passionate about feeding the Squad a well rounded raw food diet. She loves being the Husky Squad’s photographer, and she not-so-secretly wants to rescue seven more huskies to grow the family.

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