So you want a Husky?

It’s been over 8 years since having our first Siberian Husky, Tidus, and over the years, we have become very experienced with this breed. We get many messages and comments about raising them, so here’s some quick info we would like to share with you.

Huskies Are:

🐾 Very friendly (and do not make good guard dogs)
🐾 Free spirited & playful
🐾 Very athletic and love the outdoors
🐾 Fast runners
🐾 Escape artist (if the house door is open for a split second, they are gone!)
🐾 NOT OFF LEASH DOGS – their instinct to run far distance and chase prey is very strong
🐾 Strong pullers
🐾 Expert diggers
🐾 Stubborn & intelligent (takes patience & persistence to train)
🐾 Guaranteed heavy shedders (donate all your dark clothing) Huskies blow their entire undercoat twice a year! We’ve made full size pillows from their hair!

 Husky Requirements:

❤ Close family bonding with humans and other family dog(s)
❤ DAILY vigorous exercise such as running, hiking, biking
❤ Daily mental stimulation such as training etc.
❤ 6ft+ fenced & secured yard
❤ Coat brushing twice a week
❤ Cooler climate is ideal

Huskies are very cute puppies, but they DO NOT make good surprise gifts! A strong lifelong commitment must be made by the new guardian after learning about the Siberian Husky breed. Their cuteness unfortunately works against them as many purebred husky puppies get dumped in (kill) shelters before they reach their first birthday. That adorable puppy will grow up to be an intelligent, high energy, large (shedding) dog, and if it doesn’t get its needs met, they are known to become destructive due to sheer boredom and pent up energy.

If you’re prepared to bring this breed home, find a local Husky Rescue or go to (or other sites) or you can download the app “ALLPAWS” to find a husky that has been dumped in the shelter and give him/her a beautiful life.

There are thousands of dogs (purebred huskies too!) in shelters all over the world. Every day thousands of them get euthanized (killed) because shelters are at capacity from people abandoning their dogs every day!

OK, so huskies are not off leash dogs, but how do we have pictures and videos of the Husky Squad without a leash? Well, after many years of strengthening our bond with them, the connection and respect we have for each other enables us to have them off leash in appropriate environments and correct timing. Stay tuned to our Youtube Channel for more videos about off-leash training.


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